The dollar’s recent weakness and the decline has economists calling for the death knell. Amidst the discussion surrounding dethroning the asset, other competing currencies, and even gold are being pointed to as alternatives suitable as the next global reserve currency. However, according to one ETF manager CEO, Bitcoin has also cemented itself as a viable “alternative to the dollar” and could one day assume its role.

The Dollar’s Continued Decline Sparks Conversations Of Alternative Currencies

The dollar’s role as the global reserve currency isn’t an easy one, but it does come with plenty of benefits. The dollar’s dominance has helped the United States’ economy thrive over the last hundred years, making it a superpower across the globe.

All other assets in the world trade against USD and acts as the base currency in which all exchange rates are determined. The dollar has long enjoyed its power mostly unchallenged, but times are changes, the tides are turning for the US, and the dollar is being crushed by its own crown.

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