Although crypto is undoubtedly innovative in nature, the majority of crypto exchanges are dragging behind, unable to fully realize the great possibilities of modern trading protocols. Many crypto exchanges are run digitally, yet are not all using the right protocols, causing systems and platforms to lag, offering slower fill times, higher latency, and more bottlenecks. However, some of the more advanced platforms such as eToroX, eToro’s professional crypto exchange, have focused their attention on using the correct protocols for API trading, which is where the difference lies.

APIs as they apply to cryptocurrency trading

An application programming interface (API) is an interface with the task of defining how it communicates with various software programs. Think of an API as a connector between software; its job to coordinate the interactions between various computing interfaces. In terms of trading platforms, APIs work to make smooth, streamlined, and fast connections between traders and brokers and liquidity providers, improving processes, and making the system…

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