The leading singapore crypto exchange OOOBTC is now set for globale exclusive launch. After the official launch of OOOBTC exchange, the team are making steps ahead to provide a user friendly based and reward platform for their users, over the past year OOOBTC has implement many features, such as security feature, Cross-Chain transactions on their platform with atomic cross chain swaps, users from different blockchains can complete transactions without having to transfer their own funds to a 3rd party exchange, with the recently integration of BlockBar, the first blockchain based search engine to help their users to track transactions.

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The team has further announced the launch of it own platform token called OBX ( No ICO )The new key driver to the exchange, the token which will be integrated on the OOOBTC exchange and gaming platform as a certificate which gives users and project owners access to the ooobtc services, such as paying of listing fees for project owners, daily dividends and reward system for token holders, vote for your coin, zero fee trading for token holders, market markers reward, free games  to win OBX token for token holders and traders, airdrop of every new token listed, recommendation commissions, affiliate commissions. more info .



OBX Token is an ERC 20 standard token and when held on the exchange will enjoy dividends shared from the total platform revenues. The amount of Obx bonus is calculated based on the amount of asset held at 00:00 on a daily basis and the trading fee of ooobtc at the current hour which is normally distributed at 02:00 UTC (UTC + 8) everyday. Usually all users get their bonus within 24 hours. The bonus will be paid directly to users account without the need of manual collection. You need to hold at least 1000 OBX to obtain the bonus and keep them for more than 24 hours. OOOBTC will make a unified payment to users for OBX bonus, please rest assured and wait for the bonus arrive at your ooobtc account. The daily dividend received by the users is not a fixed number, the more OBX you hold the more profits you will receive.


The OOOBTC Dividends and bonus system are in six (6) phase

  1. Dividends according to the total market value of all the currencies held

in your OOOBTC exchange wallet.

  1. Holders of OBX Token will get daily dividend paid in OBX Token and

this is based on the total number of OBX one is holding.

  1. Recommend a friend to purchase and hold OBX Token and you will

get daily dividends paid as recommendation reward.

  1. Register new users and get OBX Token paid as referral commission.
  2. Win OBX Token by playing games through the OOOBTC Game


  1. Earn dividends as our market maker, by trading OBX Token daily on

OOOBTC exchange you will earn dividends generated from our trading



How is the OBX Trading dividends calculated?

OOOBTC we will use 20% – 50% of all trading fees earned by ooobtc to buy OBX from the market and then redistribute to users base on the OBX Bonus Program. Furthermore, all ooobtc Bonus moving forward will be given to users in OBX instead of other cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange. We believe this will simplify our OBX Bonus system and fit better with our user’s expectations.


Let’s make a simple example to further elaborate the bonus system.

The user John holds 10,000 OBX in his OOOBTC account. Let’s say in May, the average volume of our entire exchange per day is assumed to be 10000 BTC, according to our current fee rate, the trading fee we collected per day is assumed 10 BTC. John will get bonus at 10 * 20% * (10,000 OBX Token \ 3,000,000,000 Total supply) = 0.0006 BTC per day, 0.0006 BTC will be converted to OBX and released to his account. Total Daily fee (TDF) x Current Dividend Rate (CDR) x {OBX Held / Total Supply} = Dividends Payout.


Note the total trading fee includes both BTC market, ETH market, OBX

market and every market in the ooobtc platform



Gamers are arguably a great target audience for blockchain applications like   cryptocurrencies as they are used to online payments and dealing with virtual currencies that exist within a digital ecosystem. Blockchain has provided the

opportunity for the gaming industry something it was lacking for a long time  –  stability. Considering every few weeks a scandal about data leaks takes shape, this is a long-awaited change which is particularly important for the online betting and gaming industry. Finding a good place to play your favourite games like casino, Poker, throw dick, Pet Box, Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, Lottery, Poker, Plinko and Slot games online may prove to be a real challenge, even for those players who

spend a lot of time researching and reading trustworthy reviews. Although

you can actually find a large number of truly reliable and honest online casinos, it is not rare for someone to open a casino site with the intent to quickly reach the money. Luckily, that’s not the case with the ooobtc gaming platform, because it is one of the most reliable places where you can play some popular games safe and secure, using cryptocurrencies only and the good part of it is that one can play this games for free and win OBX Token without losing money, Based on the idea of safe and responsible gaming, ooobtc gaming platform is offering safe and fun environment where you can play popular games, by trading with a daily personal volume of 0.005 you will been given an opportunity draw and join the ooobtc games and win OBX Token.



OOOBTC Charity Foundation (OCF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of blockchain-enabled philanthropy towards achieving global sustainable development. OCF aims to transform philanthropy by developing the world’s first decentralized charity foundation to build a future where blockchain technology can be used to end all forms of poverty and inequality, advance sustainable development and ensure that no one is left behind, OOOBTC will donate 10% of it revenge to OCF.


One of the key benefits provided by blockchain technology is transparency, which is also one of the greatest challenges faced by charities today. “Donors don’t have the visibility as to where their funds are going, and most donations do not reach their intended beneficiaries. This lack of transparency causes a lack of trust, further reducing the willingness for people to donate to charity funds in general, we will partner with charity organization around the world and reach out to those who needs financial support for healthcare, education, water, shelter and good care.


For more information about OOOBTC project read our whitepaper


Airdrop and bounty is live, earn OBX Token now for free


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